An Inner Spiritual Journey


Spirituality must not be confined to life’s spiritual dimension, but should spread to our full reality as human beings. It should influence the totality of our existence, because a holy life will always involve God and man. Our example should be Jesus in person, who let his love of and from the Father unfold in his love of his neighbour. That is why, like Jesus, we will have to go up the mountain regularly to be there in solitude with the Father and let ourselves be shined upon by his love and then go down the mountain to let God’s love shine in the world.

It is an inner spiritual journey that does not confine us to a complacent existence, but that is necessary to make the second movement, the outward movement, a spiritual journey that should make us more sensitive and attentive to the people around us, to the world in which we live, to leave this world a better place than we found it.

Charity Publications – 2022 – 126 p.

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